The Dark Time, or Loving Winter

One of my favorite things about short winter days is seeing the beautiful sunsets – and more recently, catching the occasional sunrise.  This morning my wife and I completed our first week of getting up at seven without snoozing!  (Anyone who’s shared a room with me in the past knows what a big deal it is to break this snooze-queen of her habits).   So as Candace fed the cats, all four of us still cute and sleepy-eyed, she pointed out the most gorgeous sunrise out of our kitchen window. Dazzling orange, strident pink, streak of the most fragile winter blue.  How could I ask for a better start to the day than that?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m a summer-loving gal.  I used to lament the turning of leaves, cooling of the air, and darkness descending.  But this fall, a few things shifted.  For only the second time since 1987, I wasn’t going back to school – praise the Goddess!  So much less anxiety.  And speaking of the Goddess,* and the seasons, I’ve been on a quest of late to live more in the moment; to appreciate the current time/season of the Earth, the Moon, my body.  And it seems to be working.  The meditations, visualizations, affirmations have helped me be a little calmer over all, accepting (most of ) whatever may come.  Including the seasons, and their unique gifts.

For those fortunate enough to have homes and heat, the long nights and cold can invite us to emulate our fluffy friends the bears, and hibernate.  Well, a modified hibernation – I read somewhere recently that before electricity humans used to sleep twelve hours a night during the winter.  Wow.   So why not take this time, especially with The Holidays over, to take a cue from the season, take it easy, forgive myself for slowing down, and give in to more rest, more reflection.

This blog is one of my attempts at more reflection, so it feels like a perfect time to start it.   The Creatrix image resonates with me, as a writer who is constantly bringing new stories into the world; and as a woman on a journey towards conception, pregnancy and motherhood.  As a playwright, I plan to blog about my interaction with the theater world, particularly new plays, women’s voices, and my creative process.  I will also write about the literal creation of new life within my own body, exploring my journey toward optimal fertility and the unique challenges of lesbian conception.   Then, for good measure, I’ll blog about other passions of mine, including holistic health, divine feminine spirituality, community-based everything, feminist everything, queer issues, urban agriculture, and I suppose whatever else tickles my fancy.  I hope you will engage with posts that interest you, skip ones that don’t, and share your thoughts with me.  May 2012 be a year of nourishing creation for all.

*Note: please be patient if you find any of this Goddess talk unfamiliar or freaky.  I used to, too.  I’ll delve into stuff more in future posts, and hopefully the Goddess imagery/metaphor comes to seem like part of just another interesting path some humans have embarked on.


One thought on “The Dark Time, or Loving Winter

  1. Amelia says:

    So glad to be able to read your writing, as I haven’t been able to see any of it on the stage! Looking forward to reading your reflections, especially on your journey toward parenthood!

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