Musings on Women’s Health

All this talk about women’s health lately.  Disgusting circumstances, but rising from the ashes: galvanized support for women.  Keep it going.  Push it further.  My mind spins, spirals, weaves a web, listens, fumes, spews, aches, begs, speaks up.  I have had enough.  I am rising up to demand what we need.  As women, as a society, as a planet. A few thoughts, to begin with…

We Need Less:

  • imperious defunding of organizations that help women
  • politics made on the backs of women – and on our fronts and inside our wombs
  • mammograms/over-screening that can actually contribute to incidence of cancer
  • bras-& any restrictive underwear/clothing/shoes/roles for women
  • ripping out women’s wombs
  • paternalism in healthcare
  • slicing open our wombs to fit the miracle of birth into a 9-5 schedule
  • pink supposedly equaling giving a shit about actual cancer prevention/healing of women, especially if it’s a pink gun we’re talking about*
  • [* yes, it’s good to raise money for treatment, not diminishing that, but here’s some good stuff to consider about the “cancer industry“]
  • perverted cultural fixation/obsession with youth, spewing messages, “cosmetics,” surgery, images, that demean, derail, destroy the power and wisdom of our Elder Women, our greatest human resource
  • fear driving decisions about our bodies, our lives
  • pollutants destroying our tissues, hormones, fertility, Earth
  • violence against women in its too-many physical & psychological forms

We Need More:

  • trust in women’s intuition
  • honoring all our differences, diversities, antinomies – and commonalities
  • respect & use of any and all methods, “alternative” or otherwise, that heal & make whole, acknowledging everyone’s needs are different – yes/and, both/and approach, not limited by monolithic protocols preferred by inhuman insurance, narrow-minded science
  • honoring our own power to heal, lending it out only to those who fully respect our person/mind/spirit/body/wisdom
  • listening to our own bodies, & having our bodies’ wisdom be listened to by those we give power to
  • feminist politicians & leaders (men & women)
  • care for Our Mother, Earth
  • non-invasive breast cancer screening techniques like infrared imaging
  • honoring & study of, funding & insurance coverage for ancient Wise Women healing techniques, herbal wisdom burned with the “Witches,” mind/body/spirit/soul connection in healing
  • honoring the Divine Feminine
  • hope, laughter, embracing of our collective spirit to make this world better
  • faith in the Goddess who embodies creation/birth, nourishment/growth, AND death – and rebirth; always cycling
  • rituals honoring the stages of life, becoming Women with first blood, becoming Mothers/and/or Creative in whatever way that means, becoming Wise Woman Crones with end of bleeding
  • images of beautiful Wise Women, Elders, valued as Crones, wrinkles = sagacity, flowing skin and breasts the image of selfless nourishment given throughout a lifetime sustaining all of society

This is just a beginning.  Of the revolution.  What else do we need?


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